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Behavior and Language

- each member has the obligation to respect the Faction Rules they are part of and the Server Rules.
- the use of kind of foul language against another member of the community is forbidden.
- ionizing or mocking another member of the community is forbidden.
- spam is forbidden, no matter of the chat you write on.
- stupid jokes are not tolerated, no matter if they were made between members or towards other players.
- you need to show respect no matter of the person with whom you interact.
- any offense brought to a player, no matter if this was done by what you have said or did, you will be punished.

Deathmatch (DM) and Drive-by (DB)

- attacks inside and outside of safe zones [DM and DB] are allowed only when there is a special event organized for such a thing, or when you have Wanted and defend yourself against the police.
-- the Safe Zones are available in the rules.
- drive-by is allowed only as a passenger and only with an automatic weapon [MP5, M4, AK47].
-- doing drive-by without a driver is not allowed.
- if you get attacked without a reason you can retaliate if you have proof that you got attacked first and if you are not in a safe-zone.

Conflicts with Colleagues

- any conflict between colleagues will be resolved with the help of the faction's leadership.
- members with a higher rank, especially those from the faction's leadership, have the obligation to stop such conflicts.
- if the members involved in the conflict do not stop at the intervention of a higher rank they will be dismissed from the faction.
- conflicts between colleagues are strictly forbidden and severely punished.
-- the get even more severely punished if these were done on the family chat [/f].
- respect your colleagues no matter of their rank.
- if a colleague tries to start a conflict you have the obligation not to answer.
-- instead gather evidence of what they say and show it to the faction's leadership.
- reporting colleagues on the forum is forbidden. [exception advertising, illegal business, cheating]

Faction Leadership

- the faction is ran by the Leader, Subleader and Rank 5 members.
-- this is the exact order in which you need to listen to them.
- in their absence you have the obligation to listen to the members with the highest rank online.
- mocking or insulting the faction's leadership will lead directly to your dismissal.
- you are not allowed to call the faction's leadership to account for their decisions.
- for any problem regarding the faction's leadership contact a member with a higher rank than the one reported.
-- if the Leader is the one you need to report then you may contact the server's Administration ONLY if you have a very good reason to do so.
-- do not contact the server's Administration for small reasons, this will have consequences and you will get punished.
- you have the obligation to respect anything the faction's leadership tells you.
- treating the leadership function with without seriousness will lead to the demotion of that member or even dismissal.
-- stupid jokes are not allowed in this state of your function and you need to treat members with maximum seriousness.

Faction Organization

- the Leader together with the faction's leadership have the last word in any decision.
- when responding to Applications or Complaints the Leader has the right to ask for the opinion of the faction's leadership.
- only Rank 4+ members may give tests with the faction's applicants.
- only Rank 3+ members may organize training and activities.
- you have to obligation to listen to any member with the same rank or higher than yours.
- you have to obligation to park correctly and respawn the faction's vehicles when you are done with them.
- unannounced inactivity will lead to dismissal.


- the only jobs allowed for peaceful factions are legal ones.
-- with the approval of an Admin 4+ you may get an illegal job for special events.
- the legal jobs that you can have may be established by the leader.

Rules for removing Faction Warns (FW) and Verbal Warnings (AV)

- a FW is removed after a minimum of 2 weeks from the moment the member got punished.
- if a member receives two faction warns in the same month, the latter will be removed 1 week later than the rules stated above.
- an AV is removed after a minimum of 1 week from the moment the member got punished.
- in removing a FW or an AV the leader will take into consideration the behavior of the member, not only the time mentioned above.
-- if that member still doesn't have an appropriate behavior then it means that he is not worth having in the faction and doesn't deserve the removal of the punishments.
- leaders are not allowed to ask for money when removing faction warns or verbal warnings.
-- members need to mentally pay for their actions and learn from their mistakes, not financially.

Available spots depending on rank

-- Rank 6 (Subleader): 1 spot
-- Rank 5 (Councillors): 6 spots
-- Rank 4 (Testers): 10 spots
-- Rank 3 (Trainers): 12 spots
-- Rank 2 (Members): the rest of the free spots.

Rules for according ranks

- Rank 1: you receive it at [/invite] in the faction after you pass the tests.

- Rank 2: you receive it after a minimum of 2 weeks spent in the faction and only if you deserve it.

- Rank 3: you receive it after a minimum of 2 weeks from the previous promotion (a minimum of 1 month in the faction). Rank 3 members are an important component in every faction and may be trainers, so choose them wisely.

- Rank 4: you receive it after a minimum of 1 month from the previous promotion (a minimum of 2 months in the faction). These members may help with testing the new recruits and with other things.

- Rank 5: you receive it after a minimum of 1 month and 2 weeks from the previous promotion (a minimum of 3 months and a half in the faction). This function is extremely important in the leadership of a faction and could at any time take over the Leader position. Treat these members with respect and take into consideration their opinion.

- Rank 6: is the right hand of the Leader and may be elected at the beginning of a Leader's career or later on by promoting a Rank 4+ member. Take great care when picking a Subleader because this person will help you with the majority of the things you need to do.

Note: If a member receives a faction warn (FW) this member gets an extra 1 week of waiting to the minimum time required to advance in rank.
-- each faction warn (FW) adds another 1 week. If you receive 2 faction warns you will have to wait an extra 2 weeks in order to advance to your next rank.

Forum Rules

- each member of the faction has the obligation to check the forum daily for updates of the rules.
- if you got reported on the forum you have the obligation to PM the Leader in a maximum of 24 hours in order to defend yourself.
-- you are not allowed to post in the Complaints topic.
- you are not allowed to make pointless posts in your faction's forum.
-- it is forbidden to spam the Member's Discussions topic.
-- in the Member's Discussions topic you may only post important or significant things, certainly not messages such as: Good morning, Hi, Good night, How are you?, Going to eat, and anything related to this.
- breaking the forum rules will lead to punishment on the server also.
- only the Leader has the right to reply to the Applications and Complaints topics.

** According to the severity of their actions, faction members may be punished with verbal warnings (AV), faction warns (FW), rank down or dismissal.
- the Leader has the obligation to offer the correct punishment no matter of the member's rank.
--- small mistakes, small flaws or breaking rules that are not very important will be punished with AV.
--- obvious breaking of rules will be punished with FW.
--- serious breaking of the rules will be punished with FW + rank down.
--- very serious breaking of the rules, conflicts, vulgar language, insults and so on will be punished directly with dismissal.
----- members that do not have at least 2 weeks inside the faction will get dismissed with Faction Punish 60.
----- members that do have at least 2 weeks inside the faction will get dismissed with Faction Punish 10 [meaning 3 FW].
-------- if the member that needs to get dismissed has at least 2 weeks inside the faction and he broke the rules extremely they may be punished with Faction Punish 60.
- the Leader has the obligation to punish his members only based on a clear reason and evidence.

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