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1. General Rules
- Only Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigations, National Guard members and convicts are allowed in the cells area.
- Players without wanted are forbidden in the cells area.
- The cells zone is considered a Guvernamental Area.
- In case of a visit from the outside, the convict will be taken in the jail's first room or in the jail's area designed for this operation.
- The same thing happens if a Lawyer comes to jail and wants to talk with his client..
- Only 3 convicts are allowed to have visits from the outside at the same time.
- The lawyers can't spam in jail, looking for clients. The will use /ad, /news or any other ways to advertise themselves.
- The time periods when all the cells will be opened are the following: 10:00 - 22:30, example (open all cells at 10:00, at payday, close all at 10:30), (server time).
- The convicts can be visited from the outside between 12:00-22:00 (server time).
- National Guard Privates (rank 1 and rank 3+) play the role of the Jail Guardians. Their job is to ensure that the jail's system is working at maximum capacity.

2. Rules for civilians (non-convicts)
- You are not allowed to spam in chat that you surrender. You'll have to ask a guardian tu arrest you, or be patient until a PD/FBI member appears (in case that your wanted level is 1 or 2).
- "DM in Jail" means that you attacked / killed a player (convict, department member, civilian) who is in jail. If you make "DM in Jail", you will be given a wanted level of 6 and you aren't allowed to surrender.
- You are not allowed to pass the second gate (and enter the cells area). You will be given wanted 2 without warning for entering in a Guvernamental Area.
- In case you want to visit somebody, ask a guardian to bring that convict to jail's Visits Room. In this time, you must wait in the jail's first room (between The Main Entrance and The First Gate).
- In case you are a lawyer, the system works the same.
- Trebuie sa respectati ordinele Gardienilor, in caz contrar veti fi sanctionati cu wanted 2, pentru neconformare ordin. You have to obey the Jail Guardians. If you don't you will be given wanted 2 for disobeying orders.

3. Rules for Convicts
- You must obey the Jail Guardians.
- You are forbidden to spam the chat that you want to get out of your cell.
- You are forbidden to hit the iron bars if your cell or fight with your roommate. You will be punished with 200 seconds.
- You are forbidden to use unappropriate animations.

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