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Wanted List

Wanted 1:
Theft of vehicle
Useless call at [/112]
WAR ( wanted + kill)

Wanted 2:
Attacking a civilian
Non compliance order
Enter to the gouvernament properties (prison, garage lspd, FBI si NG, area 51)

Wanted 3:
Kidnapping a civilian
Use or drug possession
Attacking a cop (Cop atk)

Wanted 4:
Killing a civilian (Civ kill)

Wanted 5:
Kidnapping a cop
Killing an Officer ( Cop Kill )

Wanted 6:
Possession of armour
Deathmatch in Jail
Accomplice to escape a killer
Abuz de /q on wanted (suspect must give at least 2 times / q on wanted to get wanted).

When you give wanted, you may not use abbreviations in reason. Attacking a cop is Cop attack, not “CA”, killing a cop is Cop Kill, not “CK”, penetration properties government is "government land and not" TG ".
For the runner, rob and abuse of esc on wanted, accomplice, kidnapping (and do not give up / tie) and abuse / q on wanted suspect has no right to surrender.
For kidnapping cop / civilian suspect has the right to cooperate with the cops. If he / untie the kidnapped, gets right to surrender, if he refuses to cooperate, he looses this right and gets killed.
After the new provisions, supported by all leaders, political accomplice, the suspect has no right to surrender.
Consider any player runner that has not stopped the warning signals (lights and sound) of the policeman and fled with a car. The policeman is obliged to give notice of the car in order (/ m) egaphone at least 5 times or as a pedestrian by a / and all 5 times, do everything possible to stop the player summoned not wanted.

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