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Behavior and Language

- each member has the obligation to respect the Faction Rules they are part of and the Server Rules.
- the use of kind of foul language against another member of the community is forbidden.
- ionizing or mocking another member of the community is forbidden.
- spam is forbidden, no matter of the chat you write on.
- stupid jokes are not tolerated, no matter if they were made between members or towards other players.
- you need to show respect no matter of the person with whom you interact.
- any offense brought to a player, no matter if this was done by what you have said or did, you will be punished.

Conflicts with Colleagues

- any conflict between colleagues will be resolved with the help of the faction's leadership.
- members with a higher rank, especially those from the faction's leadership, have the obligation to stop such conflicts.
- if the members involved in the conflict do not stop at the intervention of a higher rank they will be dismissed from the faction.
- conflicts between colleagues are strictly forbidden and severely punished.
-- the get even more severely punished if these were done on the departments chat [/r, /d].
- respect your colleagues no matter of their rank.
- if a colleague tries to start a conflict you have the obligation not to answer.
-- instead gather evidence of what they say and show it to the faction's leadership.
- reporting colleagues on the forum is forbidden. [exception advertising, illegal business, cheating]

Faction Leadership

- the faction is ran by the Leader, Subleader and Rank 5 members.
-- this is the exact order in which you need to listen to them.
- in their absence you have the obligation to listen to the members with the highest rank online.
- mocking or insulting the faction's leadership will lead directly to your dismissal.
- you are not allowed to call the faction's leadership to account for their decisions.
- for any problem regarding the faction's leadership contact a member with a higher rank than the one reported.
-- if the Leader is the one you need to report then you may contact the server's Administration ONLY if you have a very good reason to do so.
-- do not contact the server's Administration for small reasons, this will have consequences and you will get punished.
- you have the obligation to respect anything the faction's leadership tells you.
- treating the leadership function with without seriousness will lead to the demotion of that member or even dismissal.
-- stupid jokes are not allowed in this state of your function and you need to treat members with maximum seriousness.

Favoritism is not allowed. An FBI agent must proove correctness and honesty.
As an FBI agent, you may not use commands (advantages of being a cop) for your own personal gain or for fun otherwise you will be dismissed.
I do not you want to see complaints between yourselves on the forum. If you are unhappy about something, we will try to reach an agreement on /r. Also, if you find a colleague's actions out of line and in violation with the rules, you will send the leader a PM which contains an explanation.
During meetings, no one talks unless the leaders give you permission and phones will be closed.
If a member arrives late during a meeting, he will announce the leader / sub-leader through an /sms or /call. He will not ask "Where is the meeting?" or anything else on /r.
When a certain suspect is in your custody, you are obligated to announce it on /d using the following sentence: "X surrendered to me." (English) / "X este la mine." (Romanian) or something similar.
FBI members will not reply in the "F.B.I. - Reclamatii agenti" topic if it does not concern them or as a witness. If there is a witness situation, that certain witness will send the leader a Private Message. FBI members will, also, not post any reply in the "F.B.I. - Aplicatii" topic.
The only ones that can post in the "F.B.I. - Reclamatii agenti" topic are:
the reported agent;
the admins;
the player that complants, but he will not SPAM or make an Off-topic post. Also if this player posts more than once for a certain complaint, his complaint will be ignored. If he wishes to add something after the reported agent's explanation, he will add an Edit to the complaint post.
If a certain player / member uses inappropriate language in his complaint / post, then his complaint / explanation will be ignored and he will be punished with warn-up by an admin.
You are allowed to attend/organize aggressive events ONLY if you are off-duty. Whoever is caught on-duty at such an event, and because of him other contestants get jailed, will be kicked out of the FBI.. It is strictly forbidden to use the advantages of police (in any form) when it is not required.
Any member of the department is obligated to intervene if a Fireman / Paramedic colleague asks for help on /d.
A certain suspect can also loose his right to surrender in the following situation:

* the suspect already has a certain wanted level, an agent asks him to surrender, and the suspect attacks that agent repeatedly trying to kill him. In this situation, the agent can use /tazer on the suspect, he can then give him wanted for Cop Attack, and then he can kill him (because, in this situation, the suspect has lost his right to surrender).
The LVPD Maverick can only be used by agents of rank 5+, and not for leasure flights, but for department business. All agents under rank 5 are required to ask for the leader / sub-leader 's permission to take off with the helicopter. All other cars can be used depending on rank (script-side limitations).
/d is the chat in which department members can collaborate in police business. Arguments / insults in this chat will not be tolerated and will be punished, in general, with dismissal. Also, other discussions that do not cover law enforcement activity will not be tolerated in this chat.
Atention!: It is strictly forbidden to use emoticon text on /d.

The priority for capturing and arresting suspects from /wanted, is as follows: if suspects of wanted level 1 and 2 exist in the /wanted list, FBI members will not engage in capturing / arresting suspects of wanted level 3+. The only situations in which an FBI member is allowed to capture / arrest wanted 3+ suspects are either when the /wanted listing contains only wanted 3+, or when there are no active National Guard members online.
If a certain department member gives wanted to a certain civilian, that department member has the right to arrest him, no matter what the wanted level of that civilian is. If the member who gave the wanted quits the game, before the arrest, that suspect can be arrested only by the department which has priority on his wanted level.
The police Infernuses can be used firstly by the PD, and NG / FBI members must ask for PD's aprooval if they need to use them in missions. Those who take these vehicles without a motive and without asking for PD's aprooval will be punished.
A PD/FBI/NG member is not allowed to ask for help or be helped, in any way, by a civilian during a suspect pursuit, with or without wanted. If you need help ask for it from the other departments, not from civilians.
If you are killed or another civilian is killed by a certain player, you must have solid proof of that player shooting / attacking, especially for defending yourself in case of a complaint. The "first degree murder" given by the gamemode does not represent solid proof, on it's own, but it can help you strengthen existing evidence (SS of him shooting). This rule can also be applied for hitmen (with undercover).
If a faction is holding a meeting / training session or other similar events, FBI members must be understanding and they will not bother them, even if there are wanted suspects among them. After the meeting / training session is over, the suspects can be taken and arrested. For confirmation in these situations, ask the leaders / sub-leaders .
Using of weapons inside the FBI Armory is strictly forbbiden, any violation of this rule will be punished with an Faction Warn!
Those who are on probation (the first 2 weeks from the /invite), and seriously violates rules, at the first Faction Warn will be fired! The serious violations of rules means: rules from the test (questions asked by testers), abuse of their position, licentious language, lack of professionalism!
Those who violate the same rules in the sphere of regulation will be dismissed. Through same sphere means: Abuse of commands, bad language, insubordination,training absence whithout permission, meeting absence without permission, etc. (Ex. FyDo abused of / tazer command, on 15/09/2013, gets a Faction Warn. On 20/09/2013 abused of /heal command in the HQ of an suspect. FyDo will be dismissed with Faction Punish.)
Suspects without surrendering wright (robber, runner, accomplice) will not receive any more wanted, whether it drops after 30 minutes. You are forced to kill them!

Dealing with running suspects:
If the suspect does not answer when he is asked to surrender, the policeman can (only) kill him.
If the suspect says that he will not surrender, the policeman can (only) kill him.
If the suspect says that he will not surrender and runs using a vehicle, then the policeman must give him wanted level 6 with the reason "runner".
If the suspect does no't answer and runs using a vehicle, then the policeman must give him wanted level 6 with "runner" as reason.
A "runner" is a suspects that runs from the police using a vehicle.
If a suspect without surrender rights enters another player's car, the PD / FBI / NG members are obligated to use /m or /s and say: "Stop the car now, you risk ACCOMPLICE!" (for English players) / "Opreste masina acum, risti COMPLICE!" (for Romanian players) at least 2 times without SPAM, thus asking the (innocent) player to stop the car. If that certain player does not comply by stopping the car or by ejecting the runner, he will get wanted level 6 with the reason "complice".
Rules which concern gang wars:

* WARS between mafia members will be punished with wanted 1 "WAR" without surrender , which will be given directly without warning to each family member who is located on the turf. There will be no advantageing, any mafia member (even an admin, or any other player) will get wanted.
* No departament member will be allowed to go on his own at wars. Department members must make a big team and organize themselves for interventions. They have to use department vehicles for war interventions. [/d] can be used for organization / gathering. The following team formation must be accomplished
-It will form a team of 10 cops (minimum). It will take a screenshot by organizer, to prove that 10 + cops were present at WAR. The organizer must be rank 4+
-The 10 + cops will be organized into 2 teams. A team will give a wanted to a family(mafia), the other will punish the second family(mafia) presence at war.

*The gang members that are in a car, and they are not on H, will not get wanted 1 "war"!!!!

If a mafia family is attacked at HQ, Department members will not be allowed to intervene, is the only situation where mafia members are left to carry on the war!

ATENTION! That who will favor a gang member or a gang, will be sanctioned with UNINVITE!

Rules which concern Namecover:

Namecover is a special command which can only be used by F.B.I. members, mostly for extreme interventions and for tracing various infractions without raising suspicion. Only rank 5+ members have acces to this command, and they can use it on other members. In using this command, the following rules will apply:

It is forbidden for an FBI agent to reveal his identity to a civilian / mafia member / hitman. That is why, an agent with undercover must never carry guns. We will keep this command, and our operations, a secret.
Operations against drug trafficking and use, as well as other operations will be organized only with the consent and supervision of a rank 5+ member.
The names given will not be non-rp names and will not imitate certain players / leaders / admins.
In any drug operation, a team of at least two members will participate, and that team will have at least one rank 2+ member without undercover (hidden near-by), for the use of [/confiscate].
If a drug dealer or drug user refuses to get out of the car, the team member of rank 2+ can use the /frisk command on him while he's in the car, but NEVER in an abusing way.
* This privilege is NOT AVAILABLE for other situations (ex: search warrants, ordinary /frisk's).
It is strictly forbidden for an undercover agent to abuse of his identity in any way. By abuse, I mean Death-Match, bad language, etc. For this kind of abusing, that certain member will be kicked out with Faction Punish.
Although the rank 2+ team member is the one which handles the /frisk and /su for the drug dealer, still the undercover agent can make an SS of that /su (thus, gaining 2 points for the activity report).
!Caution: For this SS to be valid in the activity report, it must show that you are undercover and you have to make an SS with /frisk and /su
After the drug dealer / user gets his deserving wanted level, the arrest can be made by any member of that specific team, but only if none of you give away your cover.
An agent who is undercover is allowed to buy drugs and use them, to gain credibility. Also, the member with namecover can use NOS and Hidraulics, but never in an abusive way.
Undercover can also be used to give wanted to certain civilians / mafia members / hitmen who break the law, in public places. This rule is especially adressed to rank 1 members and it targets the following infractions:
attacking a civilian (that civilian can also be you with undercover);
stealing a vehicle; (Only in the case that a civlian stole's another civilian's vehicle, if u are the driver, is forbbiden to give wanted!);
kidnapping a civilian (that civilian can also be you with undercover);
drive-by (shot or run over);
killing a civilian (that civilian can also be you with undercover);
You can apply these /su's while being undercover, ONLY if you follow the pattern below:
***You are undercover and you see an infraction (from the ones listed above) taking place. You must immediately (and firstly) make an SS of the infraction taking place, then give the wanted to the one who deserves it, then make an SS of the given wanted.
This pattern is meant to also help you defend yourselves in case of a complaint (because you have SS of that infraction taking place), and it also gives rank 1 members another possibility to gain points for the activity report (more details can be found in the „Rapoarte de activitate” topic).
For arrest, ask for the help of a colleague to take the suspect to jail, and after he took him to jail, if you wish to arrest him, une the [/undercover off] command (without being seen), and ask your colleague on /r to wait for you.
!Warning: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ABUSE this rule. Any abuse regarding this rule will be severely punished.
Agents who use undercover DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to determine other civilians (by any means) to commit any of the infractions listed in rule 10. This can also be considered abuse, and will be severely punished. They will receive wanted only if they commit those infractions on their own free will.
Undercover can also be used to find possible bank robbers.
Use [/undercover off] only if you're not seen by other players.
Rank 5+ members must make an SS after every /namecover given and must keep evidence of these names (must keep the SS), in case it is ever needed.
! Attention

* Bad or inappropriate language will not be tolerated during conversations with civilians. Members who use phrases such as “Mars”, “BAAA!”, “Ce vrei ba?”, “Nab” (Romanian) / “Clear off”, “What the hell do you want?”, “Noob”, “Idiot”, “U suck” (English) or insults of any kind will pe punished. PD / F.B.I. / NG are the organizations which maintain peace and impose laws, thus the members must proove their good growth and give a positive example to other players. “Colorful” language can be used only with persons / players who allow it (friends) and not in public places or when there are civilians around.

* FBI agents are obligated to take Screen Shots in the following situations:
- after you have announced on /d "X este la mine", and the SS must also contain the suspect which is in your custody.
- before you participate in an aggressive event (which involves killing), you are obligated to type /wanted or /su and make on SS of the message that says "You are not on duty" or something similar.
- after an /mdc command which shows that a certain suspect doesn’t have surrender rights; (F8)
- after using the /frisk command an a suspect, whether or not they posses ilegal items.

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